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2014 September 8-12 
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 Patton Athletes "Unite for Her"

During the week of 10/13, all Patton sports teams will participate in a fundraiser entitled "Unite For Her"  http// html.  Proceeds will go directly to support victims of breast cancer in Chester county and in our School District.  Students will be allowed to wear pink spirit wear during a home game that week and pink shoelaces will be provided by "Unite For Her" to ward during the game as well.  T-Shirts and sweatshirts will be available for purchase starting the week of 10/6 to raise money for the cause.  Pictures of the available items will be posted on the web.

Dear  CFPMS Families:

 The CFPMS PTO needs your support.

 Our annual Booster drive is currently under way and we are finding donations coming in at a slower pace than in prior years.

We want to thank all of you who have already contributed to our booster drive and encourage those who have not yet participated to send in their money as soon as you can.

 We are still in need of $2,340 to make our booster drive budget. We need your help to make this goal.

 Money earned in the booster drive goes to support the many great events and activities put on by the CFPMS PTO each year. Things like the Patton Picnic and 6th grade dance are fully funded by the PTO. The Family Basketball night and Talent Show are as well. Our wonderful teachers are treated to a back to school breakfast at the beginning of the year and a teacher appreciation luncheon at the end of the year.  The CFPMS donations to After Prom, FOCUS and the HS Scholarship fund are all paid for out of PTO funds raised. Enrichment grants such as technology purchases, auditorium upgrades and the cafeteria beautification project, to name a few, are made possible through PTO funds.

 These events/items are just a few of the ways the PTO supports our students and teachers each year. 

Please consider sending in your donation today in an envelope marked "Booster Drive". Any dollar amount is appreciated. 

Thank you very much for your contribution and support.


After-School Language Club    


"Mono-lingualism is the illiteracy of the 21st Century!" says Time Magazine.  Don't be left behind!  Learn about a foreign culture and its language through Patton's own Language Club.  Classes start soon so click here for more information and the registration form


To sign up, go to:





OCT 24

If you forgot to send your order form in with your child for school photos and still would like to order, please call Barksdale at 800-220-7667.

Picture retake day will be on October 24. If you forgot to order photos, you may do so at this time as well.

Lastly, thank you to the 40 parent volunteers who helped with picture day on Friday! We couldn't have gotten through the day on schedule without you!

If you have any picture questions, please do not hesitate to contact Luci McClure or Cynthia Minsk


The Unionville Community Fair Queen and Princess Pageant 

Sept 23rd 7:00 pm/UE

Required essay must be submitted by Friday, September 12th

The Unionville Community Fair Queen and Princess pageant will be held at 7:00 Tuesday Sept 23rd at the Unionville Elementary School.  Students interested in participating in the pageant can pick up the information packet in the middle school or high school office. The Unionville Community Fair Queen and her court have a unique opportunity to promote our fair and agriculture, as well as an opportunity to experience personal growth and development.  Required essay must be submitted by Friday Sept 12th.  Each winner will receive scholarship money.  The Queen $500, Queen Alt $300, Princess $100 and Princess Alt $50. Please see this link for more information:

These letters are needed to be included in a very prestigious award we plan to apply for toward the end of October. With the use of robotic technologies, 3D printer and 3D software, our graphic design printing capabilities (all in 6th grade), our brand new computers, our CNC engraver, the well equipped wood lab, the CNC router and our diverse curriculum that promotes problem solving, the use of S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and community service we did with the kinder chair project; we believe we stand a very good chance of being awarded the Technology Education Program of Excellence. So if you would be able to take a few minutes of your time to write a letter of support from a parent and/or a PTO point of view, we would greatly appreciate it.
The more letters the better!!!!! 
Thank you all so much and we look forward to another great year.
I am asking you today to write a letter of support for our technology education middle school program. This is a needed part of our middle school education excellence award application that we plan to submit to ITEEA.  With our new curriculum revisions and our updated hardware (3-D printer) Scott and I feel as though we have a very good chance of being awarded the best middle school technology education program in the state of Pennsylvania. We would be recognized nationally for this accomplishment and believe it is well deserved. In 2008 our high school was awarded with this honor with the help of  the support letters that were written back then, so we hope that we can count on your support this year. I have included some talking points below should you choose to use them in your letter. 
Talking points
Jason Palo and Scott Stoltzfus graduated from Millersville University, one of the top Technology education Programs in PA
Jason and Scott have a combined 26 years of Technology education teaching experience at Patton Middle school.
They continue to strive for excellence in the area of Technology education by attending conferences, completing graduate level courses, visiting other school, keeping in contact with other Tech Ed teachers and completing various professional development trainings. 
They both earned their masters degrees and didn't stop there. They continued to earn over 60 additional credits and counting in the teaching/technology field.
They have also received over $10,000 in hardware and durable goods through grant writing and securing outside donations for the Middle Technology Education Dept. Some of these grants/donations allowed for the purchase of our new 3-D replicator 2 printer from MakerBot, or 3-D scanner from MarkerBot, a CNC router, a CNC engraver, new tools (drills, saws, dust collection system, etc.) for our wood lab, and materials to build the "kinder chairs".
They are always are working hard to stay on top the current trends and later technologies in the field.
OK enough about us, let get to the program.
The program has to be one of the top programs in the state as it covers a huge array of both state and national standards.
The program is tiered so the students can continue to build off of a foundation of skills that they learn in 6th grade.
The program catches and engages student interest of all learners with the rich and diverse curriculum which includes Robotics, Graphic Design, and Computer Aided Drafting Design, 3-D printing, design engineering (mousetrap cars), structural engineering (bridge building), photography (Photoshop), and flight exploration and the design and creation of 2-D and 3-D wood manufacturing projects. 
S.T.E.M. is an main focus of every middle school Tech ed course.
The program allows for creative freedom and choice. 
In 8th grade student get to choose what Tech Ed class they would like to have. 
The program is experienced by every child in the school.
The program allows for students to create while using their problem solving skills, among many others, to make an project they get to keep and enjoy for a lifetime.
The program in well supported and liked by the greater community.
The Tech ed department goes beyond the classroom as they recently teamed up with the Art department to create "kinder chairs" which were donated to each of our 4 elementary schools. 
This program is a perfect piece of the educational puzzle that go toward fulfilling our education goals as a district.
The students really enjoy what they are doing and see the reason for it.
Thank you for your support,

Jason Palo

Technology Education

Where Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (S.T.E.M) cultivate to make wonderful things.

Charles Patton Middle School

When buying and using cleaning products, here are some things to keep in mind:
** Don't accept vague claims. Words like "biodegradable" or "nontoxic" have no legal definitions. Verify green claims with Environmental Working Group's Healthy Cleaning Guide.
** Avoid cleaners containing phosphates. When they get into rivers and lakes, they cause algae blooms, robbing the water of oxygen, blocking sunlight, and ultimately killing aquatic life.
** Instead of one-use items like paper towels and mop pads, use old t-shirts and other rags that you can wash and use again.
** Minimize use of bleaches. The most common bleach is chlorine, which in wastewater can create toxic compounds. Non-chlorine bleaches are gentler to clothes and the environment, though they are less effective in colder-water temperatures, requiring more energy-intensive hot water.
** Use no more than a cleaner's recommended amount. In fact, most detergents work just fine with 1/2 of the recommended amount.
** Try running your dishwasher & washing machine on the eco or light setting.  This often does the job just fine.



25 - School Closed, Rosh Hashanah

26 - CFPMS Band Night 5-9pm at UHS

OCTOBER  2014  

2 - CFPMS PTO Meeting, 9:15 AM 

3-4 - Community Fair

3 - 6th Grade Mixer 2:30 - 5 pm

13 - School closed, Inservice

15-22 - Book Fair

22 - Parent visitation

24 - Picture retake

24 - Bike drive

30 - End of marking period


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Did you know you can support Patton Middle School just by doing your usual shopping? Through Giant,
you can designate Patton and another school as recipients through the Giant A+ School Rewards Program when you scan your Bonus Card and do
your regular shopping at Giant. Through Target, you can designate Patton and another school when you
use your Target Red Card. Lastly, we always collect Box Tops.
We will be holding a friendly competition between the classes with a winner in each grade for the Advisory that collects the most Box Tops and Giant sign ups. Look for information about this in the next few weeks!



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